Bunny FunBox 

A monthly subscription box with bunny toys, treats, and unique bunny themed gifts for Moms. 

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Tell us all about you and your bunny, so we can be sure to send special items we know you will love!

2. Choose Your Bunny FunBox

Our Deluxe Bunny FunBox box offers bunny toys, treats, and 3 bunny themed gifts created just for Bunny Moms.  Our Mini Bunny FunBox is a bit smaller, and is perfect for those on a budget. 

3. Receive Your Buntastic Box!

Our boxes ship between the 1st and the 4th of every month. Please order by the last day of the previous month to receive the current box. 

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Our Bunny FunBox Deluxe includes 7 items each month including healthy bunny treats, bunny toys, and 3 unique bunny themed gifts, such as sticker sets, T-shirts, and more, designed by our twin artists just for Bunny FunBox! Our Mini Box include toys, treats, and 2 small gifts. Each month, Bunny FunBox donates one box of toys and bunny treats to a different bunny rescue. Ships free to the US!


When will I receive my Bunny FunBox?

All of our boxes ship between the 1st and 4th day of each month. We use USPS Priority Mail. You will receive a tracking number once your box has been sent. Please sign up by the last day of the previous month to receive the current box.  

What different boxes do you offer? 

We offer two different boxes. Our Deluxe box includes 2 healthy bunny treats, 2 bunny toys, and 3 bunny themed gifts for moms. Our Mini box includes 2 healthy bunny treats, 2 bunny toys, and 2 smaller bunny themed gifts for moms. 

Where do you get your bunny themed gifts and what do they include?

Our bunny themed gifts are designed by our own twin artists at Mei Li Designs, and include collectable sticker sets, T-shirts, drink ware, and more. We occasionally include gifts made by other small businesses. 

Where do you get your bunny treats?

Our healthy treats include freeze dried fruit or vegetables, and Oxbow Simple Rewards Baked Treats.

What kind of toys will I receive?

Our toys vary each month, but may include throw or chew toys from Oxbow's Enriched Life line, and handcrafted bunny safe toys from other small businesses. Our hand made toys are made with all natural products, such as seagrass, wood, and bunny safe food coloring.

What if I just want the toys and treats without gifts for mom?

We encourage you to visit our shop to create your own box full of your bunny's favorite toys and treats at www.BunnyFunBox.com/shop 

Do your boxes include holiday items?

Our customers always have a choice if they want to receive holiday items.  In December, we offer your choice of Christmas Memories, Happy Hanukkah, or Winter Wonderland  boxes, designed especially for those who don't celebrate holidays. In May we offer a Bunny Moms box, and in February, we offer a Some Bunny Loves You box, but there is no mention of holidays in those boxes. We do offer add on sticker packs for those who want to celebrate other holidays such as Valentine's, Easter, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.

Do you give back to the community?

Yes! Bunny FunBox donates a box of toys and healthy treats to a different small animal rescue each month. We also donate boxes for fundraisers and volunteer our graphic design skills to assist with fundraisers for local rescues.

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Phone: 610-401-3204